Sine Qua Non (tephramancy) wrote,
Sine Qua Non


So, the 8th til the 23rd or so of April is the Easter holidays, which I have decided I shan't be seeking external work for - mainly because finding childcare is going to be a great deal too much bother, and will cost me near enough as much as I earn.

So, this is mainly for folks planning to go to Whitby, but the offer is open to all.

I am now taking orders for custom hairpieces and booking appointments for braids or dreads, guaranteed in time for Whitby, if you place your order before the 4th of April! I'm happy to make appointments for any day over the Easter break, except for easter friday til easter monday.

My prices are as follows (all prices exclude the price of the hair itself, which I can source for you at cost if you like):

Braided extensions - £60 for a full head/£30 half head (for those with undercuts).
Dread extensions - £30 full head/£20 half head.

Braided falls - £20 for one large fall, or £30 for two smaller falls.

I have access to all colours of synthetic hair, wool, ribbon and lace. If you want crin, colinette, tubing or rexlace, you'll need to get in touch sooner rather than later, as these are harder to get hold of - unless you have your own, of course.

Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested and please comment here or email me if you have any questions or want to make an order/appointment.
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