Sine Qua Non (tephramancy) wrote,
Sine Qua Non

NYE @ Planet Angel, important news

In case anyone has not yet caught wind of this, Planet Angel's NYE party has unfortunately been cancelled.

Directly c&p'd from Angel's mail to the PA facebook group:

PRESS RELEASE 21st December 2007


There is no easy way of saying this... It is with great regret that we have to announce that our New Year's Eve Party is cancelled.

We received a call on Tuesday afternoon (18th Dec.) explaining that Area - the venue we hired especially for NYE - has just come under new ownership, and the new owner will not honour the agreement we have. This information has been communicated through a third party and despite many attempts to speak directly to the new owner, it appears he will not contact us and will not allow us to have his contact details. As you might expect we've taken professional advice and have been making every effort to resolve the situation but, to no avail. We are examining our legal options but due to the Christmas close down and the litigation process, a remedy would not be available in the timescales we have left and we have no option but to cancel.

We know a lot of people were really looking forward to this event including us, it's a very sad situation. We've invested considerably in the preparations and everything is in place for this event, which also means it has very serious implications for Planet Angel as an organisation.

We have taken the decision to cancel the event quickly in order to provide our guests with the opportunity of making alternative arrangements and to ensure that we can notify as many people as possible to avoid disappointment on NYE itself.

We will of course be refunding everyone's tickets, however as our ticket T&Cs state there is a £1.50 per ticket booking charge to cover the costs of PayPal's fees which unfortunately is non-refundable. We'll post up the refund date when we've made the arrangements. In the mean time we are also examining alternative options and the possibilities of working with other colleagues in the industry. It's very late in the day but maybe we can work something out.

So, what can we say? It appears that this is one of those situations that life throws up, we are very disappointed.

A lot of people have helped spread the word about this event and we are asking if you could also now help spread the word of the cancellation please.

We expect that a lot of people will want to discuss this and talk about possible alternatives so we've started a thread on the Planet Angel forum for this, available at:

Yours Pete and Angel

I wasn't actually going anyway, but I know a lot of you folks are, and thought it would be useful to know right away.
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