Sine Qua Non (tephramancy) wrote,
Sine Qua Non

It's that time of year again...

So, I'm due an upgrade on my phone in a couple of weeks, and since my Nokia is on its last legs, I figured I'd take advantage of a new free phone from those lovely chaps at Vodafone. I've narrowed my search down to the following:

Vodafone 810 (can't find any reviews on this, and I very much like the look of it)
SE W910i (mixed reviews, but I do like SE phones)

Anyone know anything about either model? Or perhaps another one I've overlooked?

Edit: Went ahead and ordered the 810. It seems to do everything I need, it's pretty, and it's not like I even use my phone so much these days that I couldn't put up with something that wasn't at my usual standard of geek lust. Worst comes to worst, I sell it, and pick something else up later.
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