Sine Qua Non (tephramancy) wrote,
Sine Qua Non

Hair stuffs

I know I've asked this before, with somewhat limited success, but I was wondering if anyone has any old dreadlocks that they aren't using at the moment that I could either purchase for a small price or borrow for a short period? I really don't mind what colour, I'll make something up, I just really feel like doing something nice with my hair before I get it all lopped off in a few weeks time. I don't care if they're in poor condition, I can fix them up a bit.

Failing that, anyone know anyone else who might be able to help? Would be nice if I could get hold of something by this coming Friday, as it's both Mark's birthday and Planet Angel, and my sort of birthday do, so I'd quite like to do something interesting.

Thanks in advance!
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