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L'il halp?

Going out on a bit of a limb here, but worth a try.

My lovely darling boyfriend has decided I'm going to visit him over Easter, which is awesome and groovy and full of yay, and my mummy would also like to see me for a few days, since she'll be looking after Jude while I'm visiting aforementioned fella.

Which leaves my poor Fattybeast at home all on his own for two weeks, which, well. Even if he didn't starve to death, he'd have made a lovely mess of Reagan's sofa by the time I get back.

So, what I'm asking is - is there anyone able to drop in every other day between the 4th and the 19th of April, feed the smelly begger, let him out/in and maybe chuck a stuffed mouse at him if there's time - in exchange for my eternal love, affection and some nice choccies/booze from Sweden?

(PS. I know this is a lot to ask, but this will be my first proper holiday in 12 years, and I can't afford a professional cat-sitter because I'm dolescum.)
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